A Note from Grove Norwood of the Heart of Texas Foundation

The Sugar Land Rotary Club of Sugar Land, Texas, recently made an historic donation to the work of The Heart of Texas Foundation.  President Ward Pendleton, flanked by District 5890 (62 Rotary Clubs) Governor Bob Gebhard, presented founder Grove Norwood with an unprecedented donation by Rotary to our prison reform movement in Texas.  Below you will find a link to the full article, which we encourage you to read.  The donation was in excess of $20,000.  The Heart of Texas Foundation says, "Thank you, Sugar Land Rotary, President Ward Pendleton, District Governor Bob Gebhard, and all of the future donors in District 5890 Rotary Clubs in Texas!"


Read the Article about the Rotary Club Donation to The Heart of Texas Foundation in "Your Houston News" 


Grove Norwood, former USAF fighter pilot and Founder of The Heart of Texas Foundation,  says:


"Thank you to Rotary for joining us in this monumental work!  Rotary has recognized what is upon us, and the opportunity we in Texas, and all of America, have.  It is clear that what is coming is this:  the 'American Prison Seminary Movement.'  It is a movement that will lead to the establishment of a prison Seminary Bible College  in every state in America.  The results are clear:  less violence, more safety, more reconciliation with families, significant financial benefits to taxpayers, healing of the children.   All that is needed is another 48 such prison seminaries in America, based on the Texas-Louisiana Model.  Regardless of a person's political or religious persuasion, the fact is that a privately funded, open-to-all, voluntary, Bible College program inside a maximum security prison-- in any state-- will reduce violence and victims, heal families, and reduce costs to taxpayers.  This has been demonstrated in the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola and its experience as the first American Prison Seminary.


Thank you, from our hearts.  And thank you, Rotary of Texas!


Grove Norwood, Founder

The Heart of Texas Foundation, Inc.